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Welcome to the ZEBEDEE ecosystem!

We are thrilled you've chosen to leverage ZEBEDEE API to introduce next-gen payments capabilities to the fabric of your applications, games, or platforms.

What is ZEBEDEE?

ZEBEDEE is a global fintech focused on developing payments solutions on top of Bitcoin's Lightning Network rails. Our technology stack is vast and supports all kinds of applications: Game Developers, Fintechs, Social Platforms, and AdTechs.

Our Lightning Network-powered infrastructure enables secure and instant Bitcoin transactions, and allows for frictionless payments of any size at extremely low fees. We remove the compliance, regulatory, and technical lift associated with incorporating modern global payment infrastructure into the fabric of any digital experience.

Getting Started

Know what you want to build? Sign up today for a ZEBEDEE Developer Dashboard account and get access to an API Key to get started with payments on the ZEBEDEE API.

You can use the REST API directly, or through one of the supported Software Development Kits (SDK). Follow the detailed ZEBEDEE Developer Dashboard product walkthrough to set up your account and to understand the many parts of the ZEBEDEE product suite.

New to Bitcoin or Lightning Network? Learn more with our in-depth guides.


Want to earn some Bitcoin to get started? Download the ZBD App and play games, participate in events, or listen to podcasts for Bitcoin rewards!